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Access 2 School: A Transportation Allowance Program

We are thrilled to share a significant development at the Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB) during the latter part of School Year 2022-2023. Introducing "Access 2 School," an innovative pilot program that promises to make a positive impact on the lives of the students at PNSB. Through collaborative efforts with the school principal, Ma'am Cora, and select teachers, we identified transportation as a key area where students needed support the most.

While PNSB provides free dormitory accommodation and meals on a weekly basis, many students face a challenge when it comes to transportation. During weekends and holidays, they must return to their respective homes and then come back to the school on Mondays. To bridge this gap and ensure seamless access to education, a weekly transportation allowance has been introduced under the Access 2 School program.

Our primary mission with Access 2 School is to remove barriers that hinder students from receiving quality education. By offering this transportation allowance, we aim to significantly reduce student absences caused by financial constraints in commuting to school.

As we embark on this pilot initiative, we are thrilled to announce that 39 students are currently benefiting from the weekly transportation allowance. This is just the beginning of our journey towards fostering an inclusive educational environment for the visually impaired students at PNSB.

The success of Access 2 School lies in its commitment to empowering the students, providing them with the means to attend school without worrying about the financial burden of transportation costs. We believe that education should be accessible to all, and through this program, we are taking a step closer to achieving that vision.

As we move forward, we remain optimistic about the future of Access 2 School. Our ultimate goal is to expand the program's reach and impact, enabling more students to benefit from the transportation allowance in the next school year and beyond.

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