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Volunteer Opportunities

The following is a current list of open problems we would like your help on! We welcome your help on both design, implementation, or execution of any given problem. Once you select an open problem you would like to help with, please fill out the form below to start.

Wireless networking at the schools

Skills Needed: IT/Networking

Through a combination of wireless mesh technology and wired connections, we need to make Internet and LAN available to multiple small cement buildings that are located near each other.

Accessibility of educational scenarios on touch-screen Windows

Skills Needed: Familiarity with Windows OS and apps on a touch-screen device

Evaluate various classroom collaboration scenarios using the built-in Narrator. Explore using screen reader features provided by touch capabilities on a touch-screen Windows tablet (with keyboard).

Local file and media sharing

Skills Needed: IT/Networking

Teachers need to be able to post files to a local file share that is accessible on student devices even without Internet connectivity.

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